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One Mindful Education bridges the gap between Mindfulness & SEL, with practical insights & tools for staff & students.


How does mindfulness help teachers & students?

Mindfulness brings awareness to emotions and helps increase impulse control, and behavioral self-management..png

“ As educators we are seeing the absolute need for something to combat our students stress and anxiety levels, that are at such an all-time high that the bottom line (their education and ability to learn) is undeniably being greatly affected.” - Sam Fierra, Director of Guidance


Our inspirational programs are for educators who want to positively shift their school’s culture, and increase the mental & emotional wellness of their faculty & students. We offer fun & effective ways you can immediately start implementing mindfulness into your school.

“Lou Redmond provides useful, tangible strategies in self-care.  His calm, kind, and natural approach was well received by our staff.  Our staff is now better suited to incorporate mindfulness in the workplace and beyond.”- Rob Friedland, Principal




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Professional Development
Mindfulness & Yoga "Tools for Teachers" Training (1.5 - 4 Hours)

Choose from a basic introduction to a comprehensive full day training focuses on empowering teachers to bring mindfulness techniques into the classroom. It will explain the what and why of mindfulness, as well as the physiological response of stress. Teachers will leave with practical tools, exercise scripts, and feel confident that they can start teaching mindfulness to their students right away.

Self Care for Teachers (75-90 Minutes)

This rejuvenating & educational workshop helps teachers manage stress & burnout. Though relaxing exercises as well as practical tools teachers will leave with an ability to better manage their emotions and improve their well being. Inquire for more information.


Mindfulness Assemblies
(30-60 Minute Assembly or Workshop)

A FUN & ENGAGING interactive experience that shows how mindfulness is a powerful tool they can always use in moment they need it. They will leave with a basic understanding of what mindfulness is and what it is not, but more importantly practical tools they can immediately implement into their life to manage stress, anxiety, and help fall asleep at night. Inquire for more information.

Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Classes

A fun, engaging, & intentional program to help kids develop the agency for personal power and self awareness. An ideal program length is 8-15 weeks and can be done on either mats or chairs. Program & duration lengths can also be tailored to fit your needs. Supports existing SEL initiatives.


2019 NASSP Principals Conference

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“This presentation was worth the whole conference.” - Principal in Attendance



Mindfulness is about more than just calming down. It’s a pathway to knowing oneself deeper, and connecting to our hopes and dreams. Every adult and child deserves this.


What Teachers are Saying


“Lou Redmond’s non-threatening and approachable disposition was the key to his presentation for our staff.  Mindfulness is a new concept to many seasoned educators, and anything new can at times cause uneasiness for us.  Lou gives us simple, easy to use concepts and strategies to implement quickly and effortlessly—while speaking our language in getting us to understand “the why” and “the how”.  We have only just begun to scratch the surface with Lou on what we can achieve through mindful practices in our classrooms.“ - Sam Fierra, Director of Guidance South Plainfield, NJ

Be the One that makes a Ripple.

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Program Director

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Lou Redmond is a mindfulness educator, author, & certified yoga & mindfulness Teacher. He has been trained to teach kids Mindfulness & Yoga through the nationally recognized, Little Flower Yoga. He holds a foundational certification in SEL from Rutgers University.

 Lou speaks on mindfulness to teachers & students at schools across the country. He mentors youth through private mindfulness sessions and teaches weekly classes in person and online through the meditation app, Insight Timer. 

You can find out more about Lou and his work at louredmond.com


Email: lou@onemindfuleducation.com

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One Mindful Education is based in NJ and travels to PA & NY for weekly classes.
Out of area work includes assemblies & professional development.